Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is coming to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Marvel’s Avengers is set to get a new addition ahead of the launch of Thor: Love and Thunder, with one of the film’s main characters set to join the game.

Joining the game in Update 2.5 will be none other than Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor. The longtime comic character has finally graced screens thanks to her addition at the end of the trailer for Thor 4 and now gamers will be able to use her powers in Marvel’s Avengers.

News of the character’s upcoming addition was announced at the end of the patch notes for the game’s next update 2.4. According to the notes, Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor will boast similar abilities to Thor which shouldn’t be too much of a shock given she wields Mjolnir. The character will have her own unique skills though making her addition a great way to spice up the action.

With Update 2.4 targeted for May fans shouldn’t expect to see The Mighty Thor join the game until sometime in June, but right now no date has been given so it could potentially be a long wait.

Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be the character’s first feature appearance, is set to arrive in theatres on July 8 so potentially they could be looking to align her Marvel’s Avengers introduction with this date.

Along with Jane Foster taking on her Mighty Thor abilities, Thor: Love and Thunder looks to introduce a variety of new characters from the comics including Gorr the God Butcher who will act as the film’s antagonist.

If you haven’t yet seen the films first trailer you can check that out here.