2.5D Beat ‘Em-Up, Jay And Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, Is Up For Crowdfunding


Fans of Jay and Silent Bob will want to pay attention to, and perhaps even open their wallets for, this newly announced crowdfunding project for a game starring the two iconic stoners. Fittingly referred to as Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, its funding page is live on Fig.co, and is seeking a total of $400K USD.

A strikingly colourful, cartoon-inspired 2.5D beat ’em-up, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch begins with the pair realizing that all of their customers have disappeared. Fearing the loss of their ever important sales, the two set out on a quest to learn of their pals’ whereabouts and end up at an Orwellian mall called the Galleria. This is more than just a mere shopping plaza, however, as it happens to house everything that humanity could possibly need in a post-WWII bunker, including a hospital, schools and apartments.

To succeed in their plan to save their customers, stoner Jay and his rotund pal, Silent Bob, will need to use their fists, feet and the power of insults. Yes, this means that dialogue will play a role in the outcome of the story, as dialogue trees will even influence boss battles.

As of right now, Chronic Blunt Punch has earned $52,575 of its set goal. It’s looking really promising, too, so here’s hoping that more people will donate to the cause. Those who do will, of course, secure themselves some awesome rewards, like a copy of the game and its soundtrack, their face in the game, the opportunity to design an enemy or the chance to appear in Kevin Smith’s next movie. The latter option will set you back a cool $10,000, though.

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is currently in the works for the PC platform, although it could (and hopefully will) make its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 someday.