Joe Danger 2: The Movie Hits PSN Next Week, With Extra Content

Hello Games has announced that the PSN version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie will launch in North America when the PlayStation Store updates next week on October 9th for $14.99, and on the following day in Europe for £9.99. The developer also revealed that the “10 hours of extra content” on the PS3 is a new mode called “Joe Danger Gaiden”.

Studio founder Sean Murray explained the origin of the new content, saying:

“It’s actually a throwback to when we made the original Joe Danger. As our guys sat in a room playing our own game, we fell into that classic trap of playing our own game too much. Our first prototype was this very tight, very challenging game that took about 10 hours to complete. No tutorials, no hand-holding, just fun arcade gameplay.”

The Joe Danger Gaiden mode is a reworking of that old prototype into 25 new levels, that include Joe Danger 2‘s Pro medals and extra challenges, and the ability to play as the stuntman’s rivals Team Nasty.

With Joe Danger 2: The Movie‘s PS3 release coming up on Tuesday, we are expecting to get more details about the new mode early next week. As soon as Hello Games makes the official announcement we will let you know.

Source: Joystiq

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