Joe Danger: The Movie Coming To Consoles Everywhere!


We all have a part of Evil Knievel inside of us, even if we won’t admit it. Living a safe life all the time gets boring even for those who say they enjoy it. Sometimes, you have to live on the edge.

When it was released on PSN last year, Hello Games‘ daredevil video game, Joe Danger, was quite a hit. It mixed the thrill of performing death-defying motorcycle stunts with the fun of collecting items and setting high scores. With arcade gameplay and creative physics systems it allowed us to live on the wild side, even if it was in a digital space. You have to crawl before you walk though, right?

For the past week, Hello Games have been teasing its fans with the impending announcement of a new project, talking about day-long tea breaks and creative cupcakes. However, they finally let the cat out of the proverbial bag today, announcing that their next game will in fact be another daredevil contraption: Joe Danger: The Movie!

Although it will feature the name and likeness of everyone’s favourite PlayStation Network daredevil, this next iteration in the series will not be a direct sequel. Instead, Joe Danger: The Movie will be something much bigger, according to its managing director, Sean Murray.

Here’s what he had to say about the project:

“Really, it’s something entirely new,” Murray told Destructoid. “We’re super early in development, but it’s pretty huge already. Like, I think the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN would be just one short scene in this movie.”

Based on what is shown on its film-inspired poster, the game will still be about performing stunts. Except, this time around, it’ll have a lot more variety. From the images presented, there will be skiing, diving, jetpacks, mine carts and even tanks.

“It’s probably the most ridiculous action movie ever made, but you’re creating it scene by scene,” Murray said. “If you nail every stunt, then the film will be perfect, and if you’re terrible, then it’ll be silly hilarious.”

Hello Games have yet to announce any specific details or specifics of its release. As the poster states, there haven’t been any platforms confirmed, so hopefully that means it could migrate its way over to XBOX Live Arcade as well.

Visit Joe at Gamescom and PAX. Then, let us know if you’ve found out any more information.

For now, we’ll have to practice in real life. Actually, scratch that…it’s too dangerous.