Joe Danger: Special Edition Is Coming To XBLA

Not too long ago, a rumor circulated around the idea that Joe Danger would be making its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade. The PlayStation Network title has become a very popular downloadable release, due to its addictive challenge and polished yet exaggerated motorcycle stuntman action.

As it turns out, the rumour (which was sparked by a listing on the Korean Game Ratings Board) is actually true. Joe Danger: Special Edition will be releasing on Xbox LIVE Arcade. It will also be published by Microsoft, which is a bit of a surprise.

The folks at Hello Games, the development team behind the original Joe Danger release, are hard at work on what they refer to as a revamp of the original. Joe Danger: Special Edition won’t be a direct port, but a re-worked product instead. In going back to take a look at the pros and cons with the inaugural release, the team has decided to alter a few things in the name of improvement.

“I think we knew that Joe Danger was a hard game, but it could be frustrating [too],” stated Studio Managing Director, Sean Murray. “I think we’ve really changed that, it’s a much more joyous game now, through like a thousand changes big and small.”

There will be “new environments, gameplay modes, characters – lots,” he continued. “I’m not sure it would be possible for someone to complete in under 30 hours now…the game is huge.”

Having heard a lot of great things about the original game, I cannot wait to try out Joe Danger: Special Edition. I haven’t had a chance to test drive the original.

We’ve also released information regarding Joe Danger: The Movie – an in-development sequel extravaganza.