Is Joe Flanigan Working With EA On Army Of Four?

There has been a notable trend as of late, where actors and developers have revealed unannounced projects they’re working on through social media or resume websites. Well, the same thing just happened again, as actor Joe Flanigan mentioned his involvement in a new AO4 game via Twitter. What does that stand for? Most-likely Army of Four, considering the fact that Electronic Arts was mentioned.

In his first post, Flanigan made mention of the video game giant, the title acronym and how it’s a spin-off of the Battlefield franchise. Shortly afterwards, a new message was posted, where he admitted to making a mistake in regards to the series the game is a part of.

Although Army of Two was not directly mentioned, it will be incredibly surprising if this project doesn’t end up being a sequel or spin-off to the two existing releases under that brand. After all, AO2 was the acronym used to shorten the titles of both of those games.

For those wondering, Joe Flanigan is best known for playing John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis.