Johnny Gat Returns In New Saints Row IV Trailer


As much fun as Saints Row: The Third was, a common complaint among series fans was the early omission of Johnny Gat, a member of the Saints who had stuck around since the first game in the series. Gat was apparently shot dead offscreen in the middle of the game’s second mission, and was missing in action for the rest of it.

Developer Volition seems to have listened to fan requests, and following some initial teases on Twitter, their latest Saints Row IV-related news has been announced, and it’s official: Gat is back.

Once again sporting his iconic shades and still voiced by Hawaii Five-O star Daniel Dae Kim, it’s currently a bit unclear how exactly Gat will be brought back from the dead, but considering that we’re dealing with a game that contains space aliens, superpowers, and Matrix-styled simulations, anything’s possible.

Gat’s return can be seen in a promotional trailer below. Saints Row IV is currently scheduled for an August 20th release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. We’ll keep you updated as more news regarding the game becomes available.