Journey Is Coming To PSN In March

Via the Official PlayStation Blog, developer Thatgamecompany has officially announced the release date for its upcoming download-only game, Journey. The game is currently planned for a release on March 13 in North America, followed by a European release on March 14.

The developer, a second-party company for Sony whose previous works include the acclaimed Flow and Flower, have said that the aim of their third title is to give the players a sense of awe and grand scale regarding their desert surroundings.

Journey will have players traversing landscapes and ancient ruins. It will also feature an unorthodox online mode in which players can encounter each other in the game’s world, but will not be able to converse, adding an intentional sense of mystery.

From the little information we know about the game, we’re already hooked and we can’t wait to see what Journey has in store for us.