Joy Ride Turbo Confirmed For May 23 XBLA Release

Only a few weeks after its initial announcement, Joy Ride Turbo, the downloadable sequel to 2010’s Kinect-enabled kart racer, now has a firm release date for later this month. A new Microsoft release schedule shows the game scheduled for release on May 23.

The game already sounds like it will have a good amount of features for a downloadable title, including local and online multiplayer, several racing modes, and the open Stunt Park environment that will include numerous secrets and unlockables to find. The game will also use regular Xbox 360 controllers instead of being Kinect-only.

Considering the reception the first game got, as well as the fact that it was supposed to be a downloadable, controller-enabled title before the Kinect’s announcement caused a change of plans, this could be a good turn for the series to take.

We will keep you updated on Joy Ride Turbo as more news is announced.

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