Watch Twenty Minutes Of Pikmin 3 Gameplay Footage In Today’s Nintendo Direct


Nintendo released a Japan-only Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, providing almost twenty minutes of direct-feed Pikmin 3 Wii U gameplay footage.

Today’s Nintendo Direct is a bit different from the typical presentations that we have seen from the company over the last several years, as Satoru Iwata and his white background are nowhere to be seen. The entire video basically consists of Shigeru Miyamoto talking to another person while he plays through a good chunk of Pikmin 3.

The one downside to today’s Pikmin 3 demo is that the entire Nintendo Direct is in Japanese, and The Big N choose not to overlay English subtitles into the video. Miyamoto and his counterpart engage in a rather lengthy conversation throughout the entire presentation, but any information you can gain from their banter is going to depend entirely on your knowledge of the Japanese language.

If you are anything like us, this means that you might as well skip ahead to about 2:50 in the video when the pair start playing the actual game.

Check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation below, and look for Pikmin 3 both in stores and on the Nintendo eShop on August 4, 2013 in North America (July 26th across Europe).