Juri Joins The Street Fighter V Roster On July 26


Street Fighter V‘s penultimate DLC character (for now, at least), Juri, joins the rest of the game’s cast on July 26, Capcom has confirmed. The former S.I.N. agent and “sadistic fighter” was first introduced in Street Fighter IV as an agile and skilled combatant, capable of giving series veterans Cammy and Chun-Li a run for their money.

Although aligned with the primary antagonistic force in her debut appearance, Capcom says Juri is out for revenge on M. Bison for murdering her family, and will defeat anyone who gets in the way of her mission.

Juri is a sadistic fighter who enjoys violence and loves tormenting her prey, with a tendency to get involved in anything she deems as fun or dangerous. Fuelled by hatred of Shadaloo and M.Bison for the murder of her parents, Juri joined S.I.N. to seek revenge and doesn’t care who she has to annihilate to achieve her goals.

A trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine equipped in her left eye to aid her during battles. She focuses on flashy, fast and furious kicks, and has a wide range of ki-based attacks at her disposal. Her trademark moves are her ki-based fireball attack and pinwheel kick.

So, it appears Juri retains almost all of the tricks that made her so popular in Street Fighter IV, but what about new abilities? Along with her new look, the Taekwondo master’s Kasatsushu V-Skill allows the charging of a furiously fast dash that can close gaps in the blink of an eye. Likewise, her Feng Shui V-Trigger enables all standard attacks to be cancelled into each other, making the character extremely unpredictable.

V-Skill: Kasatsushu
Juri builds charges up and rushes at the opponent, kicking them from behind. Juri can choose to charge Kasatsushu by holding down the V-Skill command. During this charge, she can cancel Kasatsushu at any time by inputting a forward or backward dash. Additionally, she maintains her charge level after the cancel.

V-Trigger: Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha
Juri activates the Feng Shui Engine which allows her to cancel all of her standard attacks, both in the air and on the ground, into one another. In addition, each strength of her Fuharenkyaku attacks will remain in their charged state.

Critical Art – Sakkai Fuhazan
Juri kicks out a large slicing blast towards the opponent that hits multiple times

Capcom has just one character left to release for Street Fighter V – Street Fighter III villain Urien will presumably be released at some point in August, fulfilling the developer’s current post-launch plans.