Just Cause 3 Dev Confirms New Sandboxes In Development


In recruitment Tweets posted yesterday by founder of Avalanche Studios Christofer Sundberg, a tease has been dropped that work on follow up titles to Just Cause 3 is already underway. Readers will note that their latest game released just days ago, but it seems that Avalanche are certainly not keen to take their foot off the gas just yet.

In the Twitter advert, Avalanche send readers to their careers site which gives a little more detail about what they are looking for from applicants, as well as offering a few further hints about just what they’ll be working on. The vacancies cover ground the developer’s Stockholm and New York sites, with various allusions towards work on  an “exciting and unique high-profile unannounced title.”

There’s obviously no word yet on exactly what these games will eventually entail, but a mention in an advertisement for a Stockholm-based ‘World Designer’ confirms more open-world titles are at the forefront of Avalanche’s attentions. Could this be a tease towards Just Cause 4? Only time will tell…

In the meantime, why not check out our review of Just Cause 3, and see whether an addition to this sandbox series would be a wise move.