Kasedo Games Set To Publish Random Layer’s Upwards, Lonely Robot


Upwards_Lonely_Robot (1)

Kasedo Games have announced today that they will proudly be publishing the upcoming Random Layer title, Upwards, Lonely Robot. The charming puzzle challenge is set to be showcased by appointment only during PAX South 2016, where the first proper footage of the game is likely to be debuted.

Upwards, Lonely Robot will apparently feature a heart-wrenching story in which you will progress through receiving messages of guidance from your creator, whilst he attempts to rectify the mistakes of an experiment gone wrong.

You can check out screenshots from the game in the gallery below, and see how the vertical puzzle trials fit into the neatly-rendered backdrop of Upwards, Lonely Robot‘s visuals. You’ll guide the titular robot up through the levels of the towers – in over 75 stages – and gradually uncover more information about your creation and the reasons for your predicament.

Upwards, Lonely Robot is due for release through Steam at some point in 2016, and we’ll bring you more information on the game as it comes to us.

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