Kevin Conroy Wants To Make Another Batman: Arkham Game


Though most of us instantly call to mind something such as Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited whenever Kevin Conroy’s name is mentioned, it’s important that we not overlook his other contributions to the legacy of the Dark Knight. Don’t forget, he’s also voiced the icon in several hit video games over the years.

Since we’re on the subject, I guess I’ll name-drop the underrated Vengeance, but we all know it’s the Batman: Arkham series that produced the fondest of memories. In all honesty, it was quite possible my favorite depiction of the Caped Crusader in history. Aside from nailing the characters, I just loved how those interactive experiences immersed you in the world that is Gotham City.

Speaking of which, while Conroy appeared at a panel over the weekend at Michigan Comic Con, Captain Cold cosplayer Tyler Moylan asked the fan favorite actor about the differences between working in film, animation and gaming.

Unexpectedly, Kevin detailed how remarkably different recording for a video game is from anything else, letting us know how Arkham Knight took two years to assemble, not to mention requiring 37,000 lines of dialogue. Still, he was able to drop this much appreciated bombshell:

“I’m so proud of the Arkham games. I wish they would make another one.”

Despite developer Rocksteady already having moved on, rumors persist concerning another entry into the series. WB Montreal, the team behind Arkham Origins, is the house often rumored to be attached to such a thing, but nothing concrete has surfaced to date.

In my view, there’s so much room on the timeline to explore other stories that a straight-up sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight may not be necessary. After all, there’s ample room in the period separating Arkham Origins from Arkham Asylum that’d lend itself to more installments. But if it were up to me, I’d skip ahead fifty years into the future and give the people Arkham Beyond with Terry McGinnis as the headliner. Now how awesome would that be?