Kickstarter Launched For Retro Platformer Moira


Brazilian indie developer Onagro Studios has just launched a Kickstarter for their first title, a sidescrolling platfomer called Moira. Seeking $13,225 in funding and aiming for a mid-2017 release on Steam, the game’s mechanics and aesthetics draw specifically from Game Boy classics like Kirby’s Dream Land, the portable Mega Man games, Kid Dracula, and more.

Players will control a magician named Rubick, who can copy and combine the abilities of enemies to aid in combat, platforming and puzzle solving. Rubick will visit four unique kingdoms on his adventure, each boasting unique mechanics and aesthetics as well as nonlinear design that encourages exploration.

Stretch goals include support for additional languages, playable characters from other indie titles like Towerfall, Odallus and Chroma Squad, and a Wii U port. Onagro has also released a downloadable demo for those interested in trying the game firsthand.