Killer Instinct Celebrates Second Anniversary With Shadow Jago

killer instinct season 2 maya

Iron Galaxy Studios is celebrating Killer Instinct‘s two year anniversary with the release of a brand new character – sort of. The corrupted version of the normal Jago was originally available exclusively for those that purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game, but that version wasn’t much more than a re-skin.

However, as part of a fundraiser earlier in the year, Iron Galaxy promised to release an entirely unique version of Shadow Jago if certain goals were met. Fast forward several months, and here we are – in December, he’ll be available to all.

As part of the announcement on their official Ultra Combo blog, the studio said that:

We’re coming up fast on December, and if you recall we mentioned that Shadow Jago would release with his own moveset by the end of the year. We can tell you one thing for sure. Shadow Jago will release in December. The exact date will be announced at a later time. Not too late, though, promise.

As a matter of fact, the wheels are in motion to get a Shadow Jago livestream rolling, and there may be a fun video in the works that gives you a little hype for the impending release… It’s nothing concrete, but if you’re at all familiar with production schedules this means, “we’re close.”

The developer also teased more info on the upcoming update 2.12 that will make changes to the game’s UI prior to the beginning of Season 3

Update 2.12 – It’s coming, and this Update will bring a small change to the UI in preparation for Season 3. We grabbed Keits to give us a little look at what’s coming, and we’ll release that piece Monday morning.

Killer Instinct Season 3 is expected to begin in March 2016.