Could Killer Instinct Classic 2 Be Heading To The Xbox One?

killer instinct 2 logo

If a Korean Game Rating Board submission is to be believed, then Microsoft may be bringing a port of the 1996 fighter Killer Instinct 2 to the Xbox One. The submission was filed under the name “Killer Instinct Classic 2” and was originally discovered by the fine folks over at NeoGaf.

A sequel to the original Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct 2 was originally released in 1996 by series developer Rare. The sequel once again featured the combo system that made the original such a smash, but upped the ante by introducing a Super bar, similar to fellow fighters Street Fighter Alpha and The King of Fighters. The cast of combatants was also overhauled, as favorites such as Chief Thunder and Cinder were dumped in favor of new faces like Tusk and Maya, who was recently confirmed for the second season of the series’ reboot.

Speaking of the Xbox One reboot of the franchise, if Killer Instinct 2 is indeed heading to the system, it would most likely tie into the upcoming second season of the fighter. When Microsoft released Killer Instinct Classic last year, it was bundled with the Ultra Edition and boxed Pin Ultimate Edition of the reboot. So, following that line of thinking, it would make sense if Killer Instinct Classic 2 was bundled with the Ultra Edition of the next season.

I never had a chance to play Killer Instinct 2 when it was originally in arcades, but I did manage to play the N64 port of the title (Killer Instinct Gold) back when it was released. While it still played similarly to the original, there’s a reason this sequel isn’t as fondly as remembered.

We will bring you more information on Killer Instinct Classic 2 when either Microsoft or developer Iron Galaxy Studios are ready to talk about it.

Source: Joystiq