Killer Is Dead Showcases Some Bosses


Suda 51 continues to showcase his crazy antics in the latest video for his upcoming game Killer Is Dead. Unfortunately, the entire trailer is in Japanese without subtitles, so any form of plot is lost on me, but at least you can still get a look at how the action title plays. Be warned though, this trailer is not safe for work as it features both an excessively large amount of blood and a man wearing nothing but a golden leather harness. Yes, you read that correctly.

Much like Suda and his team’s other titles, Killer7 and No More Heroes, Killer Is Dead has a very unique cell shading look that oozes with style. Players control Mondo Zappa, a katana wielding assassin with a robot arm that doubles as a gun. From what has been shown so far, the game’s plot appears to be about Mondo going on various jobs to kill contracts, one of which takes place on the moon. The new locales showcased in this particular video feature a night club of some sort and a giant gingerbread house.

The gameplay looks to be quite solid and a ton of fun, Mondo is an agile fighter who dashes around the battlefield slicing up enemies with his sword or blasting them from afar with his robotic arm. While combat is the main focus, the game will also feature ‘gigolo mode’ where Mondo courts various women and takes a look at their undergarments via x-ray sunglasses. While I feel this mode is very creepy, Suda has dealt with similar social issues like objectification in his games before quite tactfully.

You can check out Suda’s next endeavor when Killer Is Dead launches sometime later this year.