Killing Floor 2 PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro Editions Will Launch Exclusively At GameStop


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s PS4 Pro reveal, Tripwire Interactive has announced that their upcoming shooter, Killing Floor 2, will take advantage of the system. Originally released for the PC in April 2015, the title will hit both iterations of Sony’s console on November 18.

Taking place in the aftermath of the original release, Killing Floor 2 takes players deep into continental Europe. With the specimen clones created by the failure of Horzine Biotech’s experiments running wild, a group of civilians and mercenaries must band together in order to survive the outbreak. Using a full arsenal of unique weapons, players will be able to engage in a variety of modes, including 6-player co-operative play and 12 player PvP survival.

While Tripwire Interactive did not go into full detail as to how Killing Floor 2 will be bettered by the PS4 Pro, they did talk about how the port differs from the PC original. The game’s over-the-top gory visuals will look sharper and crisper than before, and the game will sport improved fidelity overall.

In addition to the PS4 Pro news, distributor Iceberg Interactive revealed that the physical edition of the title will only be available at GameStop. Eric Bright, Senior Director of Merchandising at Gamestop, spoke about why the retailer decided to strike a deal with the studio.

Partnering with companies like Tripwire and Deep Silver allows us to leverage our position as largest video game retailer in the world to deliver better experiences and opportunities to all gamers. Killing Floor 2 is a great example of how we can take AAA products and bring them to brand new audiences.

It’s taken a little longer than expected for Killing Floor 2 to arrive on PS4, but the wait is almost over. News of the port was first announced back in December 2014, and the game was supposed to release sometime during the following year. Now, almost two years after it was announced, console gamers will get a chance to experience the bloody co-operative shooter for themselves.

We will continue to have coverage of Killing Floor 2 in the lead-up to its November release, so stay tuned!

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