First Gameplay Trailer Of Killzone: Mercenary Shown At Gamescom

Killzone: Mercenary is looking to make use of more than just the PS Vita’s portability, as the first official gameplay trailer clearly demonstrated at Gamescom. Taking this first-person shooter franchise and creating a game not only exclusive to, but tailor made for, the powerful portable device has certainly given rise to an exciting trailer.

Offering players a fresh, more morally removed perspective on the battle between ISA and Helghast, the trailer details the motivations behind these mercenaries and displays some interesting new gameplay mechanics. The touch pad functionality of the Vita has brought a new element to melee combat, making quick time movement based events the key to killing your foe.

Requiring nothing but cold, hard cash in order to agree to do the missions that others won’t means that for the first time you will be fighting alongside the Helghast. It is quite a bold move for the franchise, and it will be interesting to see whether Killzone: Mercenary will struggle to maintain the player’s sense of purpose now that the motivation developed throughout the series has been removed.

Killzone: Mercenary looks like it will make use of many of the Vita’s capabilities, but we will have to wait until next year to see whether or not that turns out to be a good thing.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Source: Playstation.Blog

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