Killzone Studio Guerrilla Games Releases Teaser Image Prior To E3, Possibly New IP


If it was ever in doubt that Killzone developer Guerrilla Games was gearing up for an announcement at Sony’s E3 2015 press event next week, the developer’s recent teaser image effectively puts any remaining uncertainty to bed. The bigger question now is what exactly the creative team could be teasing.

Reports have indicated that the Dutch dev is building an all-new IP for PlayStation 4 known as Horizon, one that is allegedly completely different to Killzone, which has acted as the studio’s flagship for more than a decade. But all things must come to an end, and all signs point to Guerrilla finally making the changeover to a new series to be revealed at E3 next week.

Those same reports conjured up leaked screenshots, too; screenshots that showcased a futuristic open-world replete with towering dinosaurs and hunters. It was an alien world that looked to be set in the distant future, and there’s every chance Guerrilla Games is teasing that same universe in question via the image above.

Showcasing a gargantuan city basking in the sunrise, the urban landscape appears to be guarded by a breathtaking, elongated wall. Whether that structure is protecting the denizens or, in the more alarming scenario, preventing someone – or something – from escaping remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting canvas nonetheless.

All will hopefully be revealed when Guerrilla Games steps under the neon-blue spotlight for Sony’s presser, and we’ll have all the coverage for you here as it happens on We Got This Covered.