Kinect Sports Review

Daniel Rothschild

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On November 29, 2010
Last modified:December 29, 2013


Kinect Sports is a ton of fun to play, alone or with friends. It's a nice way to show off the Kinect system and it'll have you moving and physically engaged.

Kinect Sports Review

Kinect Sports introduces a whole new way of gaming into your living room, “you are the controller.” Many people believe that this game is a copy of Wii Sports and I completely disagree with this statement. There is so much more to do with Kinect Sports than you can do with Wii Sports. When they say “you are the controller,” they aren’t lying. Everything that you do is copied by your character, whether it’s jumping to spike the ball in volleyball or kicking the soccer ball in the net. I am in no way an “xbox fanboy,” as some might say and I think that the Wii and PS Move are enjoyable to play. That being said, Kinect is definitely an improvement to motion control.

There are 3 different game modes for Kinect Sports. Party Mode, where you play with friends and take turns playing, the Main Game where you play against the computers or with another friend, and Mini Games. The sports that you are able to play are, Soccer, Boxing, Bowling, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, and Table Tennis.

During all these games you use your entire body to play. For example, during the javelin throw, you must move one of your arms to pick up a javelin and hold it while running in place. You must then throw it without passing over the line. It puts you in the game and makes you feel like your are the in game character and not just controlling him.

By far, in my opinion, the most impressive sport is Beach Volleyball. You must serve the ball by throwing it up in the air with one hand and hitting it with the other. While the ball is going back and forth, you must hit the ball exactly where it is in order to return it. When your partner sets you up for a spike you must jump up and hit it in the direction where you want the ball to go. It involves your whole body, it’s a ton of fun and once it’s over, you’ll always be eager for more.

The game can can have you sucked in for hours at a time with friends, family, or just solo gameplay against the computer. It is a great way to get off the couch and play. Be warned though, if you play continuously for a long period of time, it will leave you tired and restless, maybe even sore. It should also be noted that a couple glitches pop up here and there, usually involving the camera but they don’t happen often and when they do, it’s never terribly annoying.

Overall, Kinect Sports is a great way to be active and have fun with all your friends. The mini games are new and fun and never get old. Menus are fluid and easy to navigate and every sport is a blast to play. It’s exciting to have to use real physical activity to play video games and it’s certainly fresh and unique. Kinect Sports shows us what potential Kinect has and while it can be polished in certain areas, it’s a great way to experience the XBOX’s newest piece of hardware. Oh, and using your Avatar in game is always awesome!

Kinect Sports Review

Kinect Sports is a ton of fun to play, alone or with friends. It's a nice way to show off the Kinect system and it'll have you moving and physically engaged.