New Kinect Title Brings Zombies To Life

It’s about time, I have been waiting for this since I was in the second grade. Finally, it has come to us, something that will make the world a better place. A motion control game in which you fight zombies (in this case Kinect). Now, I am an old fashion type of gamer. I don’t particularly like Playstation Move or Kinect. I have the mind set, “if I wanted to get up to play something, I’d go out somewhere”, however this is too exciting to pass up.

Rise of Nightmares for the Xbox 360 is answering our prayers! Not much is known about the game as of yet, but it’s thought of as sort of a House of the Dead for Kinect. In this title however, you’ll be using mostly melee to fight off the hordes of zombies and monsters, as guns haven’t yet been confirmed. On that note, I assure you, if there are no guns I am more than ready to shank a zombie. I just hope the spinning back kick I learned in Tae Kwon Do works in game.

The premise of the game is very cliché, and average. Your wife was randomly kidnapped by zombies and taken to an abandoned mansion in the middle of the forest full of zombies and monsters (everyday stuff). So naturally, you barge into the mansion, and punch zombies in the face to liberate your own personal damsel in distress. It makes perfect sense right?

The game is dated for Spring 2011 in Japan, with no current American release date.