Kingdom Hearts HD May Be Coming To North America

While fans of Square Enix’s popular Final Fantasy and Disney-themed mashup series Kingdom Hearts continue to wait patiently for the announcement of the  next numbered entry in the franchise after last year’s 3DS entry, Dream Drop Distance, some hints at other news have dropped. Actor Jesse McCartney, who voices the characters Roxas and Ventus in the series, recently tweeted a photo of a recording booth with a monitor showing Roxas in the background, along with the following tweet:

For all you “Kingdom Hearts” Fans. Recording the next chapter! #KingdomHearts #Roxas #Gamers

What next chapter is he talking about? The most likely answer is not a completely new Kingdom Hearts game, but the upcoming PlayStation 3 compilation, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. The collection, originally announced last year for a Japanese release in March, will contain the original PlayStation 2 title that started the series, along with Re: Chain of Memories, the 3D remake of the card-themed Game Boy Advance spinoff, and a video gallery compiling all the cutscenes from 358/2 Days, one of the spinoff games for the DS.

When asked about an English translation for the compilation last year, Square Enix representatives had originally stated that there were no plans. If McCartney’s post is any indication, they may have changed their mind. If they have, it’s a smart move. The series has a noticeable fan base in America, and an excuse to revisit some of the games that kickstarted the long-running franchise would probably be enticing to many who played them in their younger days.

I personally have some fond memories of the first two games for the PlayStation 2, and would be up for another playthrough with the promise of better graphics and PS3 trophies to collect. With any luck, this rumor will become reality, and fans of series protagonist Sora will be swinging their Keyblade all over again.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding the Kingdom Hearts series as it drops.