Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Will Make You Go “Awww” All Over Again

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Nintendo’s loveable pink airbag is getting a new title on Wii U, as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has just been announced. Only one of several new titles to be unveiled at today’s Nintendo Direct event, the game looks to be a throwback to one of the DS’s earliest, and best games, but comes packing a whole new art style.

Looks like Kirby’s misplaced his limbs again, as the signature pathway painting that made Kirby Canvas Curse such a clever treat on DS has been carried over to Rainbow Curse. Using the Wii U tablet and stylus, the player draws a rainbow coloured strip that will guide Kirby around all manner of obstacle, or directly into enemies whose powers Kirby can absorb. It also looks like Kirby will be able to morph into submarines, rockets, and tanks, so the little guy won’t be lacking for firepower.

The gameplay may be tried and true, but the look is brand new. Kirby’s spent a long time as Nintendo’s most quietly innovative franchise, and just as Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii got our attention with its adorably unique artstyle, Rainbow Curse is bringing its own fresh take on what Dreamland will look like. The new claymation aesthetic is subtle at first, but get one look at the series’ classic boss, Whispy Woods, and it’s clear the new title will be making the most of the Wii U’s hardware.

See the arts ‘n crafts action for yourself below, which you’ll be able to get your hands on in 2015: