Knights Of The Fallen Becomes Latest Free Expansion For SWTOR


In what was described as the first of EA’s Star Wars reveals at their E3 conference, the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced in the form of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Introducing the game, it was the fans of the series themselves who were thanked for their continued support and the direction of this expansion was attributed to their desire for the game to find its way back towards a more BioWare-style story. As a result, it was also announced that the expansion would be given free to all subscribers.


No gameplay was offered at this point, but the first story trailer helped set the scene for the direction of the new expansion. Centring around the lives of two brothers, heirs to an unknown empire, the trailer demonstrates how their bond helps them to grow into fierce and inquisitive warriors together. They are shown to be immense warriors, defeating multiple enemies together in battle before ultimately falling into a feud that will divide them for good.

The game will introduce this feud and bring with it an entirely new faction and set of missions. The story will also apparently offer players more choices moving forward, which will have a large impact on the growth of their character.

SWTOR‘s new expansion will release on October 25th, 2015.