Koei Tecmo Bringing Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend In February


Based on the anime series known as The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend has had its release date confirmed by developers Koei Tecmo. The tactical action title will release for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC simultaneously in North America, and its ‘Coming Soon’ page is open through Steam now.

The game is set to focus heavily on the lore of the Arslan narrative so far, and Koei Tecmo confirmed the following about the content of their upcoming title:

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend will include an array of original scenarios fans of The Heroic Legend Of Arslan are bound to love! These extra scenarios are based on episodes of the original novels and manga, but they were never part of the animated series. They will gradually become unlocked via the Story mode and can be played in the Free mode of the game, allowing players to become increasingly more familiar with its history and playable characters.


Three new playable characters were also revealed by Koei Tecmo today, named Tus, Isfan and Zaravant. Tus will be a quiet yet deadly martial arts expert while Isfan will be wild and known as “one raised by wolves,” Zaravant is a fearleass shield and spear wielding warrior, and each of the three will make their way toward the city to aid Arslan’s plight.

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend will release on February 9th.

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