Kojima Was Approached By ‘Many Different Companies’ Before Joining Sony


Famed Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima says he was approached with offers for a new job before he decided to settle with Sony. Speaking to IGN in a candid interview detailing his decision to join the company behind the PlayStation 4, Kojima said that:

With Sony PlayStation, they make their content globally. It’s thanks to Sony that I was able to make a splash in the global market. It’s been 10-plus years since then and the working relationship at Sony, the people at Sony, we gel well. People at Sony have been friendly with me, I work well with them.

I got several offers from many different companies, but with Sony it came to a point where I know these people, we know each other well. I feel like this is an environment where I will be able to make something and be comfortable. And I believe that is the environment I need right now.

We know each other, we understand each other, and based on this relationship, I think it’s a good point to create a new IP. That’s the reason I chose to work with Sony on this project.

That’s certainly some high praise for Sony, but there’s no surprise that Kojima ultimately decided to settle on a partnership with the company, as he’s had close ties with them ever since he put a foot on the first rung of the industry’s ladder.

It’s excruciatingly unclear what Kojima’s first project is going to be in his new position as founder of Kojima Productions, and only the smallest of hints have been dropped on the upcoming game. What we know for sure though is that it won’t be Silent Hills or another Metal Gear title, sadly.

Expect to hear more about Kojima’s new game in 2016.