Kojima Describes Death Stranding As An Open World Title With Online Elements


As part of their lead-up to this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony and legendary game designer Hideo Kojima have released a few more morsels of information for the latter’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding.

Sadly, there was no new accompanying teaser trailer or gameplay footage (we imagine we’re a long way away from the latter being released) revealed as part of the pre-show conference, but Kojima himself did reiterate to the audience that the mystery game will be action-oriented and be open world, offering players a “degree of freedom” as they explore its world and story.

Interestingly, Kojima also confirmed that “some online elements” will be present, although whether these will be integrated into the single player experience or be part of a separate feature entirely remains to be seen.

Oh, and just to make things even more cryptic, Kojima released a cutesy drawing of himself holding hands with some other recognizable faces, one of which appears to be Guillermo Del Toro who, Kojima had stated previously, wasn’t currently involved with the project. It looks like something changed his mind.


Of the remaining two, one is obviously Norman Reedus, who we already know to be playing a major role thanks to the original cinematic trailer, but that last individual on the right remains a mystery. We could be way off, but don’t you think he bears more than a passing resemblance to Alexander Skarsgård? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Death Stranding currently has no release date, but we’ll let you know once we hear more.