Kojima Productions PS4 Title Death Stranding Will Feature Norman Reedus, Watch Haunting First Teaser


Sound the Silent Hills reunion klaxon! Kojima Productions’ maiden title Death Stranding will feature The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

Decorated Game Designer Hideo Kojima was on stage to introduce the studio’s PlayStation exclusive, capping off months of speculation that stemmed from Kojima’s gradual reveal of the new mascot, Ludens.

It may still be a ways away from release, but Kojima Productions did roll out the very first and haunting teaser for Death Stranding, spotlighting a naked and visibly distressed Norman Reedus cast astray on what looks to be an alien world. Indeed, the cinematic’s environmental design and overall aesthetic does draw comparisons to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Could Kojima be cooking up a head-scratching science fiction yarn about fallen civilizations? We certainly wouldn’t put it past the Metal Gear founding father.

Death Stranding is in development for PlayStation 4 and is currently without a release date. While wait for more information, tell us, what did you make of the studio’s grand reveal?