Konami Details New Update Headed To Metal Gear Online, Quiet DLC Dated For March


Konami has confirmed that Quiet will be introduced as a playable character in Metal Gear Online via next month’s Cloaked in Silence DLC, while an imminent update is set to tweak respawning mechanics.

That’s according to the publisher’s official blog post, noting that the tweaks apply to those who are fultoned out of the game or accidentally kill themselves. Pointing to MGO‘s Bounty Hunter and Comm Control modes specifically, the update means that players will no longer be able to choose respawn points at will.

“Bounty Hunter is a mission that is heavily dependent on fulton gameplay, but making this change will add new fulton tactics to multiple mission types by forcing enemy players to the HQ point upon respawn.”

By the same token, Comm Control is due to undergo a change so that “after the update, if an enemy player is in the middle of recapturing your team’s Comm Link, you can no longer choose that location as a respawn point, but now must make your way to reclaim your threatened Comm Link.”

In terms of Quiet, Cloaked in Silence is on course to release at some point in March, when the DLC launches with three additional maps and a series of in-game emotes. Entitled Appeal Action, there are five in total, and each will be priced at $2 a piece.

Cloaked in Silence, meanwhile, will be available for $5 and includes the Sabotage game mode, a new mission type for Metal Gear Online that revolves around two teams duking it out over the control of a missile.

Source: Konami

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