Bobby Kotick Says Diablo III And Call Of Duty Planned For This Year

Diablo 3
An advertisement for Diablo 3, scheduled for release in Q2 of this year
Diablo 3

An advertisement for Diablo III, scheduled for release in Q2 of this year

Bobby Kotick has recently announced that Activision plans to release another Call of Duty game, and the much anticipated Diablo III in Q2 of this year.

Diablo III has been undergoing extensive beta testing recently and it doesn’t look likely that it will meet the previously-targeted “early 2012” window.

Activision also said that they plan on expanding the Call of Duty Elite service in the coming year–a service launched with Modern Warfare 3 that, as of yet, is still not completely up and running.

Skylanders Giants was also announced by Kotick and it aims to expand on the lastest collectable-based craze.

“Our extraordinary employees around the world are focused on making 2012 another great year for our audience and stakeholders. Blizzard Entertainment plans to have multiple highly-anticipated titles to release, including Diablo 3, and Activision Publishing expects to release a new Call of Duty game,” he said. “In addition, Activision Publishing expects to continue to grow Call of Duty Elite and launch Skylanders Giants.”

Although the release of a new Call of Duty game is nothing to be surprised about, it remains to be seen if the next title will include a notable revamp of the formula, or if it will follow the suit of the most recent releases. Diablo III, on the other hand, is definitely something to get excited about.

What do you think, gamers? Looking forward to the next Call of Duty title, or are you likely to skip over this one? And what about Diablo III? Let us know in the comments below.