Kratos Brings His Ballet Of Destruction To PlayStation 4 In God Of War 3 Remastered Launch Trailer


Releasing today across retail outlets and the PlayStation Store, Sony has drummed up excitement for the arrival of God of War 3 Remastered on PlayStation 4 with the release of the game’s explosive launch trailer.

Starring the burly, seemingly always angry Kratos, the gameplay clip showcases some of the updated features included in the remaster, not to mention those famed boss fights that help lend the action series its godly charm. As for the technical details, according to Santa Monica Studio Principal Animator Bruno Velasquez, the dev team is targeting 1080p and 60fps across the course of Kratos’ epic third outing.

In fact, over on PlayStation Blog, Velasquez noted that not locking the gameplay at 60 frames-per-second ultimately makes for a smoother experience considering that this is a game well past its five-year anniversary.

Now you can see every single detail of Kratos’ fiery blades in motion as he performs his incredible ballet of destruction. The gameplay, which targets 60 frames per second at 1080p, just feels better, and the animation of the characters look so much smoother — which as an animator is especially rewarding! We also added an awesome photo mode that allows you to capture Kratos and his unlucky enemies in great dynamic poses that you can save and share with your fellow Spartans.

Weighing in at 38.5GB in size over on PlayStation Store, God of War 3 Remastered will no doubt act as their perfect appetizer for those craving some good ol’ fashioned hack-‘n’-slash action. Though many long-time fans of Kratos and Co. will be wondering where on Earth the purported God of War 4 is – if it does exist, that is.

Source: PlayStation