Kuma And Panda Confirmed For Tekken 7, Online Tournament Mode Detailed


Bandai Namco has confirmed two new characters for upcoming beat ’em up Tekken 7, proving that it’s not just humans that enjoy beating the living snot out of each other. Bears Kuma and Panda, both of which have proved to be rather popular with the fighting game’s fanbase since their first appearances, will return for the latest iteration of the series, and they look just as dangerous as ever. After all, how many swipes of a bear claw do you think you could take before your face hit the floor?

As Heihachi Mishima’s pet bear, Kuma once again joins his master in Tekken 7, with Namco’s blurb for the character (via Eurogamer) describing the loyal animal as “one of the most essential members of the Tekken Force,” who proves his “unfailing loyalty by trying to protect Mishima Zaibatsu while he believed his master was dead.”

As for Panda, she too, is a pet, although not one of Heihachi’s. No, she’s Ling Xiaoyu’s, and is just as devoted to her master as Kuma is to his, and just as deadly. Originally a simple palette swap of the aforementioned grizzly, Panda has since been fleshed out with her own identity, having been trained in the art of ‘bear fighting’ by Heihachi himself.

Besides the new roster additions, Bandai Namco also revealed new details concerning Tekken 7‘s Online Tournament Mode, which enables players to form their own tournaments with up to eight others. Spectator, single and double elimination modes will be available, each with their own set of rules.

Set to launch in early 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Tekken 7 will be faced with some stiff competition for the title of best fighter. With NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 and Capcom’s newly-announced Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite on the cards, fighter enthusiasts will no doubt be spoiled for choice when the new year rolls around. Of course, there’s also Street Fighter V‘s second season to look forward to, which kicks off next week with fan favourite Akuma.