Kung Fu LIVE Mocks Kinect

A trailer for the upcoming PSN game “Kung Fu LIVE” has hit the net with a rubber fist. Kung Fu LIVE uses the PS eye to track your limbs and create a Kinect-like 2D side scrolling fighter game. This looks like a title that isn’t taking itself very seriously, or its main competitor Kinect.

The fact it is coming out only as a PSN game could be seen as a mocking poke at the Xbox Kinect, because they are basically mimicking the fundamental mechanic of “you are the controller” and slapping the whole concept into a downloadable mini game for the Playstation 3 (ignoring the existence of Eyetoy…oops Microsoft).

Just how accurate and responsive Kung Fu LIVE will be, is something we can speculate, but the timing of this trailer MUST have been a calculated move by Sony. The game itself is going to boast some sort of multiplayer feature, and it allows you to scan yourself into the game, which is always a crowd pleaser.

So are you up for some teeth smashing, backbreaking, chest pounding carnage? Well if you are then keep about £10.99/$17.00 in your PSN wallet for December the 8th.

Kerrrrr POW…