The Last Guardian’s Latest Gameplay Trailer Ramps Up The Action


Its been a long road for The Last Guardian, but genDESIGN’s once-thought-dead spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus is finally almost here, nine years after development began. With Sony having confirmed last month that the adventure game has gone gold ahead of its December release date, fears of yet another delay have finally been put to rest, but can The Last Guardian possibly live up to expectations?

It’s a question that won’t be answered in full until fans and critics alike finally get their hands on the title, but if the latest trailer released by Sony is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. Up until now, footage of in-depth gameplay has been scarce, with most promotional footage being a simple establishing of the game’s main protagonists along with a light sprinkling of platforming elements.

Upping the ante, today’s “Discover The Legend” trailer is considerably more fast-paced than what we’ve seen previously, with half-bird-half-mammal creature Trico and his young companion finding themselves in some rather sticky situations.

The Last Guardian launches for PlayStation 4 on December 6. For past trailers, see our archive here.