Latest Apex Legends Patch Adds A New Feature To The Game


Much digital ink has been spilled over the incredible launch of Apex Legends.

All things considered, Respawn Entertainment and EA knocked it out of the park when the servers went live on February 4th, and it didn’t take long before the battle royale title was presiding over a player base of 50 million strong. It was during that unprecedented rise to to the top that Apex trumped Fortnite and became, for a while, the most-watched video game on Twitch – the highest of honors in today’s streaming-dominated world. But recent data has indicated that now, several months after launch, Apex‘s popularity is beginning to wane.

Still, the developer is doing their absolute best to keep hold of the game’s impressive player base and their latest step towards that came in the form of a new patch which released earlier today. For the most part, it wasn’t terribly significant, as no changes were made to any of the characters or the map. There was, however, a new feature added.

In case you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, you can now group up with the last squad you played with. The usernames of the folks who were in your most recent squad will show up on the left side of the lobby, and from there, you can invite them to play with you again.

That aside, this update hasn’t gone down quite as smooth as Respawn might’ve hoped, as we’re also hearing that it’s causing a bug which has wiped the account progression for a good chunk of gamers, deleting all their cosmetics, currency, etc. There’s no word on when or if that’ll be fixed, but for more, you can consult the full patch notes via the link below to see what else it includes.

With Respawn Entertainment promising lots more to come, you can bet that this won’t be the last patch for Apex Legends Season 1 that we’ll be seeing. And in the meantime, let’s just hope they fix this new bug sooner rather than later.

Source: Reddit

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