New Apex Legends Patch Finally Introduces A Much-Needed Feature

Apex Legends

As of right now, Respawn Entertainment needs to foster all the goodwill with fans that it can muster. A disastrous spat between player and developer over the weekend has left relations between the two at an all-time low and threatens to escalate even further if left unaddressed.

It’s a disappointing development; maddening too, as right now, Apex Legends as a gameplay experience has never been better. That’s not me dismissing out-of-hand the aforementioned controversy, either. Those wishing to brush-up on the PR nightmare Respawn now faces can do so over here because now, it’s time to be positive.

The topic of discussion this time around? Well, let’s just say that solo queueing isn’t the only long-awaited feature to have been added recently. Alongside the new mode, a small but incredibly welcome tweak has been made to Apex‘s lauded social systems. Thanks to the efforts of one Carlos Pineda, the ability to reciprocate the good manners of others is, at long last, a reality.

For the uninitiated, Apex Legends‘ in-game list of stock responses has always included a ‘Thank you’ phrase to be used at players’ own discretion but never a way to return the courtesy. The technology needed to acknowledge such gratitude, however, is finally there. As a genius method of avoiding its inappropriate use in a sarcastic manner, the new ‘You’re Welcome’ response can only be used as a direct reply to another squad member providing their thanks. Neat.

As a medium that’s not exactly known to be hospitable in nature at the best of times, that Apex Legends actively encourages camaraderie is great to see. Remember: good manners cost nothing. If only every one of Respawn’s number would bear that in mind before going off on a rant at its own customers, eh?