The Latest Darksiders II Developer Diary Goes Behind Death’s Mask

With their latest Darksiders II developer diary, the folks at Vigil Games have decided to take us behind Death’s mask. The new playable character is dissected and discussed over the course of a few minutes, as the team goes over his movements, fighting style, design and back story. It’s a great look at the series’ second playable character, who happens to be more cold and calculated than his brother, War.

Spliced in-between the interviews, you will find some great looking new gameplay footage, which shows just how much of a badass Death really is. His ‘Swiss-Army sythe’ is definitely a highlight, serving three unique purposes with detachable options. As a result, it could end up becoming one of the best video game weapons of 2012.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

From the looks of things, this sequel should outdo its great and underrated predecessor.

As if Darksiders II wasn’t already difficult to wait for…