Latest DLC For Alien: Isolation Adds Two Brand New Modes


Alien: Isolation

The steady stream of content for Alien: Isolation continues, as The Creative Assembly have released another piece of DLC for the title. Safe Haven, which is the third add-on released for the survival horror game, is available through the title’s Season Pass, or can be purchased separately.

Starring Hughes, the Communications Manager at Sevastopol Station, Safe Haven will once again test the survival skills of gamers who wish to take on the challenge. Hughes is desperate to escape the safe room he is currently trapped in, and in order to do so, he must accomplish ten different tasks assigned to him at a communication station.

The Creative Assembly offered a tease of the included storyline on their website:

Trapped in a safe room and desperate to escape, Hughes’ only chance is to take on ten tasks given at the communications terminal in the lower decks of the station.

Every task is one step closer to escape but will require the utmost stealth and skill as Hughes confronts the station’s life-threatening challenges – a crumbling environment and the toughest foes – as he works to restore communications and get away.

With only one life to survive with, the Salvage Mode is a new twist on the popular Survival Mode. Completing each of the ten challenges assigned to Hughes will unlock additional rewards and points, as well as new items to craft. Collected points can then be used to save your progress in the event of your untimely passing. Similar to previous add-ons, Safe Haven will feature dedicated leaderboards.

In addition to the Salvage Mode, Safe Haven also adds the bonus Marathon Mode. Taking place in the same levels as before, Marathon Mode lets gamers tackle any of the ten included challenges in whatever order they choose.

With plenty of scares to be found, Alien: Isolation was one of our most surprising titles of 2014. While these DLC releases don’t change things up in the story department, their score-based nature has led to them becoming favorites in the game’s community. It’s also nice to see The Creative Assembly continue to support it, as the studio still has two more add-ons planned for the next two months.

Safe Haven will be available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 later today.

Source: VG24/7

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