Latest DOOM Multiplayer Video Presents Countless Ways To Kill, Infinite Ways To Die


Ready for another peek into Bethesda and id Software’s unholy DOOM reboot? Why, of course you are.

Arriving on the blood-stained heels of last week’s multiplayer snippet, both parties have rolled out the latest slice of action from May’s hellish shooter, only this time swapping the nine maps featured in the title for the game modes that will play out across them.

Of those mentioned in the video above, Souls Harvest, Freeze Tag (not dissimilar to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed), and Warpath bring a stylish spin to the multiplayer action, while genre classics in the vein of Clan Arena, Domination, and Team Deathmatch round out the roster of modes.


Tethered to today’s video was an appropriately gung-ho caption, reading: “Six modes. Countless ways to kill. Infinite ways to die. Welcome to DOOM multiplayer, which delivers fast-paced and competitive combat in brutal, blood-spattered arenas.”

DOOM will unleash nine kinds of crazy across PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 13. Those who pre-ordered Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order will be entitled to access the shooter’s forthcoming beta test when it gets underway on March 31.