Latest Far Cry 3 Trailer Introduces Citra And Dennis

Ubisoft’s latest trailer for Far Cry 3 provides a friendly introduction to a couple of the game’s more helpful characters, Citra and Dennis.

Both NPCs are part of the Rook islands’ native Rakyats tribe, and they have a pretty big beef to settle with a group of Pirates who have invaded their territory. Citra is the tribes leader and makes her introduction by having you drink a vial of poison, watch her do a strange little naked fire dance, and then commanding you to fight a one-man war against her enemies. As for Dennis, he just points a rather large knife at your face, tells you that he is going to kill you, and then laughs it off as a big joke.

With friends like these…

Far Cry 3 launches on December 4th in North America and November 29th across Europe for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.