Latest Final Fantasy XV Clip Teases The Dawn Of A New Age


Square Enix has been trumpeting the presence of Final Fantasy XV for some time – though those following the development of the long-gestating RPG may be disappointed with the latest teaser.

Less of a trailer to stop the presses and more of a clip to set the tone, the footage is a world-building slice of the studio’s upcoming title, charting the familial bond between protagonist Noctis and his father, King Regis. It’s a bond that stretches back to our lead’s childhood, and from Regis’ conflicted expression, it’s clear the ruler is left facing a difficult decision between his family and the brewing war with neighbouring city, Niflheim.

Setting the stage for the main character Noctis, the trailer depicts the dramatic events that take place 15 years prior to the journey that players will embark on in FINAL FANTASY XV. The trailer also depicts the strong bond that young Noctis has with his father, King Regis, who now faces difficult decisions regarding relations between his kingdom and its warmongering neighbor, Niflheim.

With nary a mention of a release date, fans of Final Fantasy XV are still left to ponder whether the RPG will make it out in 2015 or, in the more likely scenario, launch in 2016. Aside from the logistics, the graphics on display in the trailer are truly something. Powered by Square’s in-house Luminous game engine, the character animations are a wonder to behold.

Finally, we see armed guards searching for a missing person (Noctis?); armed guards dressed in medieval garb wielding machine guns – it can only be Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV is still without a release date, though we expect Square’s new installment in the prestigious RPG series to arrive in 2016.

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