Latest Final Fantasy XV Trailer And Screenshots Surface, VR Experience Coming Later In 2016


With little over three months until release, Square Enix ensured that Final Fantasy XV had a major presence at E3 2016, appearing at both Microsoft and Sony’s respective pressers.

The first of which brought forth an extended gameplay demo for the studio’s JRPG sequel, teeing up an eye-watering spectacle of Noctis and Co. locking horns with an impossibly huge boss.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XV‘s showing at Sony later in the evening heralded news of a VR experience launching exclusively for PlayStation VR some time in 2016. It allows players to see the lush world of FFXV through the eyes of Prompto, one of the game’s leading protagonists, and is currently limited to a small portion of the full experience.

That’s according to Game Director Hajime Tabata, who revealed that:

“We had tested out utilizing VR. At the time we were looking into it, we felt that it could potentially work as a passive experience for a portion of the game utilizing VR. We felt that it would potentially make sense for a segment, but in terms of the overall game in itself, the entire game, we didn’t feel that having that headset on for the entirety of the game and that experience would match what we were aiming for with XV.”

Ten years after it first entered development under the guise of Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV will finally launch across PS4 and Xbox One on September 30. To get a glimpse of the JRPG running on the latter platform, check out the second gameplay demo, below along with a wave of fresh screenshots included in the gallery.