Latest For Honor Trailer Spotlights The Vicious Oni Samurai


While it may not have carried the same popularity of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands reveal, the introduction of For Honor at Ubisoft’s E3 showing was one to remember. The debut trailer for the multiplayer brawler showcased a heavy dose of impressive historical action, and although the studio still isn’t ready to talk full details on the title, they have debuted a new trailer spotlighting a unique hero.

Revealed during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today, the Oni is the first official combat class showcased for the Samurai faction. Outfitted with a handful of different skills, including his signature Japanese katana, the Oni is poised to be one of the strongest fighters on the battlefield of For Honor.

Ubisoft further detailed just what the warrior brings to the table in a brief statement.

The Oni is a swift and lethal duelist who slays his enemies with quickness and mastery. Donning leather and wood armor and wielding a razor-sharp Japanese katana, the Oni strikes fear into his opponents and dominates the battlefield with special abilities such as poisoning his blade, throwing kunai, and unleashing an Arrow Storm. The Oni is a truly powerful and formidable warrior.

Pitting Samurais, Knights and Vikings against each other, For Honor is one of the more captivating properties to come out of Ubisoft in the past few years. This may just be the History buff/Deadliest Warrior fan in me, but I’m excited to wage bloody battles between the three factions. I’m not expecting total realism out of the title, but based off the debut clip and the brief snippet of new footage here, I’m intrigued by the release.

Although still without a release date, For Honor will come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC when it eventually launches.

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