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Latest Gaming News: Nvidia hit with lawsuits over RTX 4090 meltdowns as ‘Modern Warfare II’ player assures everyone that peace was always an option

He gets dirty, and the world stays clean.

Image via Activision / Infinity Ward

It’s not every day that you find a pacifist in online first-person shooter games that give players only one option to grind their way through the ranks. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II might mark the first instance of such a thing thanks to this user who rose to the top by simply refusing to kill anyone.

As we try to contemplate how patient this person must have been to not kill a single person in his 24-hour playthrough, another middling and highly controversial FPS rises from the dead with a new Season update, though most folks are once again ignoring it. Here’s your daily roundup of gaming news from around the internet.

Nvidia faces lawsuits for RTX 4090 meltdowns

Image via Nvidia

When you spend $1,600 on a GPU (and that’s presuming you manage to buy it for its retail price) you obviously expect the thing to power your gaming rig for at least a few years without breaking a sweat. However, folks who jumped on the RTX 4090 bandwagon are probably regretting every life decision that led them to the moment of purchasing it right about now. The new Nvidia flagship is a beast of performance, but that has unfortunately come with its own set of hiccups over the past two months.

The most important issue—other than being overpriced, of course—is the GPU allegedly running too hot and melting the power capable right through. This is something that Nvidia shouldn’t have failed to warn users about, which is why a number of them are now launching lawsuits against the hardware company and asking for recompense.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is coming next week, but someone ought to have told EA that no one cares

Image via EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 managed to stir quite the maelstrom of hype before it came out late last year, but a technically-challenged launch riddled with bugs and frustrating gameplay mishaps turned it into one of the most controversial EA games in history. Then again, if you know the company, that is quite a low bar to hit. Now, DICE is gearing up to release the game’s next content pack, the so-called “Season 3.” We’re not sure if a lot of people besides the game’s most ardent believers, which number in the tens of thousands as opposed to the competition’s millions, are looking forward to seeing anything from that game.

At any rate, if you’re interested to know what Season 3 will pertain, make sure to visit this page and see what’s in store for yourself.

This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II player is the ultimate pacifist

Image via Activision Blizzard / Infinity Ward

An internet user who unironically goes by the name of ThatFriendlyGuy has managed to reach max level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II without any kills to his name. The man is also whom everyone would love to have on their team because the only way he could gain all those experience points was through playing the objectives, giving his teammates assists, and defending choke points with a shield.

Some folks play first-person shooters just for the thrill of getting to shoot someone down, but others like it because of the community, and ThatFriendlyGuy is the perfect example of this mode of behavior.

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