Latest Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Takes You On The Ride Of A Lifetime


By the time that Gran Turismo Sport releases in 2017, it’ll have been four years since we last stepped into the driver’s seat of the popular franchise. While we didn’t get a firm release date today at PlayStation Experience 2016, Sony did bring us new footage from Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racer, and it’s looking pretty damn impressive.

Introduced by SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, the PSX16 trailer for Gran Turismo Sport is a sight to behold. Showcasing footage from around the world, we get to see races across a variety of tracks. Everything from uneven dirt roads to smooth stadium paving is rendered in gorgeous 4K HDR. The series has always been easy on the eyes, but this is on another level.

Besides showcasing how the racer will look on the PS4 Pro, we also got a glimpse at the PlayStation VR support for the title. As previously announced, the VR support would be limited to a special mode, but the brief footage here looked great. Hopefully the experience of driving won’t lead to people getting nauseous.

Other than that, though, this looks like the same Gran Turismo series you know and love. The cars, of which there are an abundance of, are photo realistic and the racing appears to be as intricate as can be. Microsoft’s popular Forza franchise has been the racing champion for some time now, but Polyphony Digital and Sony are looking to take back the crown once again.

Tell us, what did you think of this mouth-watering new footage from Gran Turismo Sport? Sound off below and give us your thoughts!