Latest Little Nightmares Trailer Heralds A Brutal Adventure


In the world of Little Nightmares, death is around every corner. If you don’t believe me, the latest trailer for Tarsier Studios’ sidescroller demonstrates just a few of the gruesome ways that Six can be eliminated.

Following in the footsteps of similarly creepy titles like Inside and Limbo, Little Nightmares tasks players with guiding the young Six away from trouble. Taken from her home by powerful outside forces, our heroine must escape the bizarre and brutal world of The Maw. The latest from Tarsier Studios, who are perhaps best known for a game that never actually released (The City of Metronome), has the look of a gruesomely gorgeous adventure with a message.

In the new trailer above, we get a good look at nine different ways to perish escaping The Maw. Whether it’s getting blasted with a boiling burst of steam, or by being dragged below the surface by an unseen enemy, there are no shortage of ways for Six to die. In addition to the new footage, Tarsier Studios also unveiled the Six Edition of Little Nightmares. As the only way the game will be available physically, this collector’s edition is packed with tons of extra goodies: a 10cm tall figurine of Six, an exclusive poster, the original soundtrack, a sticker board and a unique cage packaging. A price point for the set has not been announced yet, but expect it to be revealed in the coming weeks.

If you prefer your games digitally, there are a few extras for those who pre-order. On the PlayStation 4, you’ll receive two masks for Six, a new theme and a digital copy of the soundtrack. Ordering through Steam will also give you the masks and soundtrack, but also a new desktop wallpaper. Finally, Xbox One owners kind of get the shaft, as all they get are the two masks.

Little Nightmares will haunt your dreams beginning April 28, 2017.