Latest Mad Max Trailer Asks How You Would Survive In The Wasteland


Cast astray in the Wasteland without a drip of water to drink or a canister of oil to barter over, Avalanche’s soon-to-be-released Mad Max is aiming to create the unforgiving nature of George Miller’s brutal world down to the very last grain of sand. In doing so, the creative team is also opening up a range of choices for the player within the sun-scorched open-world, allowing them to go about their business of survival in a variety of different ways.

That player agency takes center stage in the latest trailer for the game, which gives viewers a number of branching paths to explore depending on their chosen strategy. Clocking in at 7 minutes in length, the footage is a detailed breakdown of the game’s story template, and how specifically the choice and consequence dynamic will have an affect on your own particular story.

Fans of the genre know all too well that player choice and that liberating sense of freedom is a cornerstone of any open-world game, and the fact that Avalanche has invested so much into this element of Mad Max leaves us giddy with excitement about all of the branching paths littering the studio’s recreation of the Wasteland.

Stepping into the dusty shoes of the Road Warrior, Mad Max won’t only feature on-foot combat, with previous trailers – and indeed today’s new kid on the block – showing the vehicular mayhem that can ensure when you lock horns with some of the bandits and unhinged sociopaths populating the game world.

Avalanche’s open-world survival title is barrelling down on its release date, with Mad Max primed to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 1.

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