Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Showcases New Aliens And Familiar Sights


The latest trailer aiming to whet your appetite for Mass Effect: Andromeda has been released today, providing the most intimate view yet of the new galaxy players will be exploring come March. Beginning with a rather ominous narration that explains how protagonist Ryder has become stranded in the Milky Way’s neighbouring star system, brief shots of a deactivated Mass Relay from the original trilogy are shown, driving home the concept that Ryder is a very, very long way from home with the prospect of returning a very slim one.

But there’s no use dwelling on the past, Andromeda is home to a brand new threat – the Archon. Belonging to the Kett race, the mysterious character’s motives for causing trouble for Ryder and his crew are unclear, but one thing’s for sure, our new hero certainly hasn’t been welcomed with open arms to this strange new region of space.

There’s a distinct air of familiarity surrounding Ryder’s predicament; one that recalls Commander Shepard’s struggles to be recognized as a Spectre by a sceptical council of extra-terrestrials. A few snippets of ground and aerial combat are thrown in for good measure in the trailer, too, including a scene where Ryder dukes it out with a Krogan.

With each trailer BioWare releases for Mass Effect: Andromeda, our interest levels raise to new heights. It truly looks as if Andromeda will be a worthy continuation of the sci-fi series in two months’s time and we’re looking forward to exploring every nook and cranny of its vast expanse.

If you can’t wait until release day on March 21, EA and Origin Access members get a 10-hour free trial on March 16. See here for all the details.